Monday, January 22, 2007

Super Bowl Bound!

Wow...January's half gone...

I've been so busy lately...I haven't blogged. The situation with my Mom is about the same. She is still taking Temodar therapy...5 days of the drug...then 23 days off. She didn't have a lot of side effects last time. She's still very weak and won't eat much. I haven't been out there for over a week because John was sick all last week. He was having excruciating pain in his jaw clear back to his ear. The doctors were baffled and thought it might be Bell's Palsy or trigeminal neuralgia. They treated him with prednisone, neurotan and vicodin. They helped dull the pain but we still didn't know what was causing it. After a week they ordered a CT scan and it was normal so Dr. Frankenfield put him on a strong antibiotic as a last resort. The next day his upper gum had a huge swollen spot on it that subsequently burst and started draining pus. He went back to the doctor today and they've decided it was an abscess of something...not sure what! He's feeling 100% better and is only taking the steroid and antibiotic. What an ordeal for him! It was really scary not knowing what was causing the pain. I'm so grateful to all our friends and family who were praying for him!
Molly, Myron and Betsy are coming to visit this Friday and are staying a week! It will be so great to see them again. We've been hearing from Joel that Wendy is doing well in the first trimester of her pregnancy and has only been sick once that we've heard. She's flying to Disneyland tomorrow with a group from her church for a Children's Ministry Seminar! So Joel will be "batching it" with the puppies. He's pretty happy about the Colts victory too! That's about all the news for now.

Monday, January 08, 2007


I talked to Dad tonight and he said Mom is even weaker today. She has difficulty even getting out of the chair now and can't make it out of the room to use the bathroom. He said she was so lethargic that they had to shake her to get her to respond today. He's really worried. He isn't sure if it's the tumor or the chemotherapy making her so weak. He had the nurse check on her today and the dr. called in an antibiotic prescription for her bronchitis. I'm afraid if she gets any weaker we may have to hospitalize her.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

I haven't posted for has been hectic since Christmas has passed. I have some great news! Joel and Wendy are expecting a baby in September! We're so happy for them! They'll make such wonderful parents...they both love the Lord and are committed to Him and to each other. I'm so thankful that the Lord brought Godly spouses to my children.
I talked to all the "kids" this weekend and they are all doing well. Myron has accepted a promotion at Gospel Light and is travelling to California next week to learn more about his new responsibilities. He and Molly are coming home to see us in a couple weeks...I'll get to see Betsy again! Joel and Wendy are doing well...she hasn't had any morning sickness yet...I hope she doesn't at all! Joel was given an excellent evaluation for his actuarial work and received a nice raise. Wendy is starting back to her teaching jobs at LCC and MSU. They keep so busy! I wish we could see them more often!
John and I spent Saturday evening and Sunday with Dad and Mom. She started back on the chemotherapy medication. She has to take 5 days of a large dose of Temodar and then be off of it for 23 days...then begin again. She seems to be tolerating it fairly well although she does seem to have bronchitis and that has caused her some problems. We had her sleep in her recliner last evening to help her to breathe better. Our biggest concern right now is her lack of appetite. She's lost over 40 pounds and is very weak. It's difficult for her to even stand up to walk to the bathroom using a walker. We keep trying to offer her foods we know she loves but she has no desire to eat at all. If she gets much weaker, it will be difficult for her to get out of bed. She seems to be having a little trouble with her vision too. She sees things that aren't there and we aren't sure if it's an eye problem or something neurological. She still seems sharp in her thinking at times and then at other times, is very confused. The course of this illness is such an unknown...we really don't know what to expect. We're so thankful she was able to enjoy Christmas with the family.