Sunday, August 19, 2007

It's been a long time...

I haven't blogged since my mother died. It was such a painful time and I was filled with so many emotions...I just didn't know how to put it all into words. With time I've been able to view the whole experience in a better light and I know the Lord was with us all through all of it. Mom's funeral was really beautiful. There was so much touching music...songs that were special to Dad and to Mom and some for the family. The eulogy was so personal and conveyed the love Mom had for her family and how we all loved her so much. Dad is still having a very difficult time adjusting to his loss. His life was consumed with her care for nearly a year and now he just has himself to care for. He seems so frail and fragile right now. I've always seen him as the rock of our family so it's really hard to see him so near to tears all the time. I know with time, the Lord will bring healing for him...there's just no easy way to face life without his love of 60 years.

Several really good things have happened since Mom's passing. My niece Miranda was married and it was a beautiful day for her and Ben and also for the family. We received some great news when Molly's husband Myron was recruited for a wonderful position with Berean Christian Stores. He's to be the Vice President of Merchandising for the company! The best part is they will be moving to Cincinnati, Ohio...which is only 2 hours from us!!! We're so excited to have them closer! They'll be moving sometime in the next couple of months. Next weekend we'll be keeping Betsy while Myron and Molly househunt in Cincy!

More good news...Wendy is only 16 days away from her due date!!! Jake, our first grandson, is due on September 4. Wendy is doing great and she and Joel have Jake's room all ready! I'm going to post some photos from the past month since I'm so far behind in doing that! I hope this catches my friends up on the news. Thanks so much to all who have prayed for us. It means so much...keep praying as we move on with our lives.

Molly's Tribute to her Grandma Leah

A few months into Grandma’s illness I began to notice the image of butterflies coming up everywhere. It seemed that everywhere I turned there were pictures, sculptures, books, cards, or even real butterflies. I began to realize that God was showing me something important. Then I saw a card with a butterfly on it that said that the little caterpillar must think that she is dying when she begins her transformation, but that the reality is more wonderful than she can imagine—at the end of that dark time in the cocoon she’ll have wings! It was God whispering to my heart—“That’s what is happening to Grandma. With your earthbound perspective, it only looks like dying. But the reality is beyond what you can imagine. At the end of her transformation she’s going to emerge a new creature and take flight!” And so, while it’s hard to watch her fly away into the bright skies of heaven and away from us, I am filled with a deeper joy knowing that Grandma isn’t dead, she’s just emerged from her long sleep into the light of her true home and into the beauty of her true self. And now she has wings.

The pastor used this in Mom's funeral and it really meant a lot to all of us.

Concert time with the family!

Molly at the Over the Rhine Concert

Over the Rhine Concert

Jacob and Rachel...tired out

Ben and Miranda leaving the church

John and me at Miranda's wedding

Grandpa Bill and Elizabeth

The wedding cake

Molly & Myron

Betsy at the wedding

Betsy with Aunt Wendy

Ben and Miranda with Jim's kids

Dad with my nephew Benji at Miranda's wedding