Thursday, June 07, 2007

Flowers for my new office!

Molly, Myron & Betsy sent me these lovely lilies to congratulate me on my new job! Today was my first story time as director. It went really well! The kids are still a little shy with me since not all of them know me yet. But a fun time was had by all.

I stopped out to see my Mom tonight...she is so weak...I don't know how she keeps going. I thought her breathing seemed labored and I could hardly understand her when she spoke. It's so hard to see the ones you love fading away before your eyes.

He's still growing!

I took a photo of my axolotl when I changed his water today...he's getting so big...he's got all his legs now and huge pink gills! Isn't he cute?

Betsy on a caterpillar

Monday, June 04, 2007

Wendy's baby shower

Wendy's mom had a very nice shower for her on Saturday. We drove up to Hobart after spending the night at Mom's. It was a 200 mile drive (I dozed a lot). We had a really nice time. Wendy's folks have a beautiful home built right by a golf course. They have to watch for errant golf balls but it's a lovely spot. Joel and Wendy received so many nice baby gifts! We're all getting excited for Jake's arrival! It was fun to see Betsy playing with Wendy's neice Olivia...they're both so cute. Betsy woke up from a short nap and was really unhappy...I think the unfamiliar bed and not enough sleep was pretty hard on her. She finally got awake and then really had fun with Olivia after everyone else left the party. Here are a few pictures of that fun day too.

Weekend at Mom's

We spent Friday night at Mom's. She had company all evening so we didn't get supper until almost 9:30! She isn't really eating anything now...just drinks a little water and lemonade. She still has a sense of humor...she was sitting in her wheelchair in the front yard and saw a buzzard circling above. She quipped, "Does he know something I don't know?" Black humor but still funny, coming from her. Her mind is still pretty clear but she's so weak. Talking is getting even more difficult for her. I'm so thankful that she still has a sweet disposition and doesn't ever complain. She was telling one of her guests that she might be taking a trip soon...she was talking about heaven. Dad doesn't like to hear her talk about dying so he changes the subject, but I think it's normal and healthy for her to be thinking about her life in heaven. I can't be critical of Dad though...he just can't bear the thought of losing her.

Bonnie's retirement party

My boss retired on May 31st and we surprised her with 2 parties with the storytime moms and kids. What a crowd we had! Bonnie was very surprised and moved...she had to fight back a lot of tears when saying goodbye to all the children. They all love will be a big job for me to try and fill her shoes! Here are some fun photos from her parties.