Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Missing Mom

This is my first Mothers' Day without my Mom. She went to be with the Lord last July. She was on my mind so much this week...there just seems to be a hole in my life with her gone. She was always the one I called when I had news...good or bad...and she always listened. I know this is a really rough time for Dad too. He never failed to make Mothers' Day special for Mom...I know he is missing her even more than the rest of us.

Mark Schultz Concert

I had a wonderful Mothers' Day! We went to a Mark Schultz Concert at Grace College on Friday night. We had just gotten our new Pontiac Grand Prix so we gave it a good test run over the weekend. Here are a couple of pics of Mark and one of the car...not a great picture but I'll put up a real one when it stops raining!

Mothers' Day Weekend

We headed to Lansing to spend time with Joel, Wendy and Jake on Saturday. It was such a beautiful, spring day that we went to a little zoo there. Jake was fascinated with the animals! He's such a sweetie...I loved getting some quality grandma time!

Mother-Daughter banquet

Molly and Betsy drove up to attend our church's Mother-Daughter banquet! It was so nice to have them here. Betsy loved the rubber lizard and frog I found at the Dollar store...she even took them to the banquet with her!